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Human to Human Communication

I like to work with people, write for people and about people using everyday language people use. If they understand your message, your readers are more apt to trust you. 


I put the heart into your brand. Writing stories with emotion creates an experience that resonates with your customers. I am not afraid to get mushy.  

Fact-based Articles and Blogs

I love turning complicated subject matter into material readers can easily digest with journalistic-style news or magazine articles and advertorials. I bring life to facts and figures. 

Digital Editorial Content

Not only will Google like it, but real people too – colourful prose to energize a millennial market with SEO that adheres to accessibility standards and targets short attention spans.

News Releases

Free publicity? Yes, please! See how I can get you more positive media coverage. I know how news works and some tricks of the trade to get reporters to notice you. It's all in the pitch! 

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Inspiring Impact

"Carla Garrett is an extraordinary storyteller. The words she chooses create an emotional connection that takes the reader on a journey. As a fundraising professional, I have experienced first hand the value and impact of Carla's written calls to action. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for an inspiring storyteller and motivator." 

— Suzanne Fratschko-Elliott, Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada

Gets to the Heart

"During her time at the Sentinel-Review, Carla was a tenacious journalist who had a real knack of getting to the heart of a story. A talented writer and interviewer, Carla also excelled at cultivating critical sources in her beats and quickly embraced social and emerging medias as part of our industry."

— Bruce Urquhart, Woodstock Sentinel-Review

Clear and Concise

"Carla is a meticulous planner with an incredible capacity to break down complicated verbiage to clearly convey the most important messages to her audience. She has an eye for detail when editing documents and her strong writing skills are accentuated by her flare for design.”

— Dianne Marshall, Oxford County

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