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“I don't know what to say except that your book took my breath away. Thank you so much for writing and illustrating such a beautiful piece. It is calming, healing and just what our families need.” 


—  Lisa Pearlman, Nurse Practitioner, Paediatric Palliative Care, London Children's Hospital 

My Love Will Follow You There

Calming imagery for children facing death

My Love Will Follow You There tenderly guides a child facing death to a place full of love and free of pain. 
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This intimate story brings comfort to the child and their family during the transition from here to the place we go next. Using poetic language, My Love Will Follow You There tenderly addresses death and uses calming imagery to guide a child through the unknown. A way for parents to say goodbye, My Love Will Follow You There, gently encourages children to follow the light to a place full of love and free of pain. Written and illustrated by bereaved parents Carla and Mark Garrett, My Love Will Follow You There is a moving story accurately capturing the sentiments many parents struggle to express during those painful last hours with their child.

Thanks to many generous donors, we have already distributed more than 700 copies of My Love Will Follow You There to families and organizations across North America dedicated to caring for children at end of life. All money collected from any sale of our book goes towards shipping.


We are currently sold out of hardcover copies. Paperback copies are available on Amazon. 


“Now walk into Heaven, home you must go, to be the angel I always knew that you were.”

“Their little girl continued to ask them to, "please read the special book" to her. Parents shared they had read it at least a dozen times. Your book was a true blessing for this family and I am imagining it will be a gift for many others."

“We recently shared a copy of your book with a mom who was having trouble finding a way to talk with her teenaged son who was facing imminent end of life. She read the book aloud to him and the beauty of the words gave her the strength to say all the things that she couldn’t on her own. This mom was incredibly grateful for this amazing resource as she face the most difficult situation.”

"My 3-year-old son just died, and left behind his big brother with the most tender loving heart. I know he will be hurting so badly and think this book might give help bring him some peace."
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